Founded in 1986, the Jadhao Group started by manufacturing premium quality cotton ginning and pressing machinery plants. Subsequently, the company started manufacturing a range of allied products related to the cotton ginning and pressing industry. With time, the company streamlined its many businesses into specific verticals. As a result of this exercise, the agricultural tractor implements business vertical unit named Jadhao Layland was formed in the year 2013.

Jadhao Layland prides itself on providing technologically advanced mechanized farming solutions to Indian farmers. These high-tech tractor-mounted solutions include:

• Rotary Tillers, called Rotavators

• Power Harrows

• Power Shredders

• Power Diggers

In 2013, thanks to the vision and efforts of our Managing Director Mr. Sanjay Jadhao, Jadhao Layland entered into a technical collaboration with FALC S.r.l., a globally renowned Italian agricultural mechanization company. This collaboration led to the creation of the JADHAO FALC brand in India.

FALC is a name of repute for more than 60 years in mechanized farm implements and machine manufacturing business. Moreover, its state-of the-art farming solutions are available in more than 50 countries today. With this collaboration, JADHAO FALC aims to manufacture and make available cutting-edge mechanized farming solutions to Indian farmers.