JADHAO LAYLAND has independent research capabilities with evaluative and experimental tools. This ensures scale-up to commercial plants while meeting performance guarantees. The manufacturing infrastructure setup boasts of state-of-the-art machines from AMADA and MAKKEN, and is supported by PANASONIC Robotic Welding equipment. These high-end technology greatly automate the manufacturing process and ensure consistent production of high quality products.

In 2013, JADHAO LAYLAND began manufacturing secondary Land-tilling Rotavators for the Indian agricultural and tractor industry. These Rotavator models—ranging from 3 feet to 10 feet—were designed after extensive study of usage patterns. Feedback from end users helped understand their specific requirements and was very useful while adapting products to specific farming conditions. The primary USP of JADHAO LAYLAND Rotavators is Better Tillage with saving on fuel & minimal load on the Tractor. As a result, customers are able to realize the following advantages:

• High performance with low maintenance and ownership costs

• Maximum yields and increasing returns on investments

• High acreage tillage with enrich quality soil pulverization and aeration in lesser time

• Lesser load on tractors leading to better engine performance and higher fuel efficiency

• Consistency in depth penetration due to optimum weight with stability on tilling ground